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Slow down your website, it’s the law

Google and Amazon have some of the fastest websites on the internet. In fact, the government has decided that they are too fast. Even with the repeal of net neutrality, FCC officials are not convinced internet service providers will do their part to “slow down the net to a more reasonable speed”.

This comes after internet service provider Comcast said it will “most definitely not” slow down internet speeds and arbitrarily start charging more for access.

Upon asking FCC chairman Ajit Pai about the new rules, he said that the wildfires in northern California had made his decision clear. “When we found out that PG&E lines were responsible for the fires, I knew we needed to slow down websites so that these lines won’t catch on fire anymore.” After being told that PG&E does not actually provide internet access, he kept saying “the internet is moving too fast through the internet lines, and they are not modern enough to handle the new speeds”.

What does this mean for fast websites? Starting in late 2018, all websites will have a minimum required load time of 2 seconds. If you’re a startup, just ask your developers, they’ll laugh and say you’re lucky to have a page load in under 5 seconds. If you’re a big enterprise like Google or Amazon, your developers may have some trouble figuring out how to slow down your site. We’ve added a few code snippets below to help.

Now that you have the basics, we’d highly recommend creating libraries for the various web frameworks so that everyone can benefit from the ease of slowing down a web page.